Construction Sites

(2002 - 2015)

This body of work stems from my observations of various rural construction sites throughout Wisconsin and Ohio. My focus with this work is to understand construction sites as landscape. By viewing them as such, I am looking to contradict traditional views of landscape in and out of art. The construction site (if anything) is anti-landscape, as its terrain which has been altered in an unnatural way in order to build something that is equally unnatural. Through size, color, shape, surface and pattern, I seek to interpret the constant state of transition within these sites, focusing on the unique momentary spatial relationships within them that affect all sense of placement and proportion. It is often difficult (using typical means of gauging size and space) to proportionally place oneself into the terrain of these sites, for the objects and spaces read in a macro/micro manner. Therefore, the objects and spaces between them can be perceived as either massive or miniature which causes a feeling of disorientation. Thinking in these terms, this work is about creating a bridge between what actually exists (the landscape) and what is to come (post construction site), hence designating a span of time within the work that reflects the constantly changing status of the landscape.