I am interested in exploring transition and how it reveals itself physically, psychologically and emotionally. Through the concepts of reflection, self-awareness and loss, I attempt to heighten my own sense of time and the impact it has on my life. Ultimately my work is driven by a truthful observation of the overlooked or unnoticed parts of every day in the hope of finding some personal meaning or connection to purpose.

My work focuses on landscapes, structures or spaces that encourage entry and hint at a larger narrative. I look to evoke feelings of solitude and self-awareness yet speak to broader ideas about relationships and inter-connectivity. I want my work to reveal the process of making art while promoting the deterioration of it at the same time. For this reason, I often use non-archival materials knowing that they will physically change over time. My intention is to create an ever-changing visual experience and to provide the possibility of a change in the work’s personal meaning. Much like the experience of remembering an old photograph differently than it actually looks, I look for my work to sit in a space similar to the one in which we recall feeling something slightly different than what is happening in the moment.