Project Notes

Project Number #1: Deconstruction

Combined 3" x 5" photographs that were used to document construction sites         

Used photographs that were overexposed, underexposed or contained lens flare

The photographs were assembled in different orientations within a grid pattern

Sanded, scratched, drew and painted the surface of photographs to bring them together

Looked to create a multiple viewing experience


Project Number #2: Field

Talking about underlying materials used to construct something, focusing on materials that are often overlooked

OSB is made of recycled wood chips to make a new solid building material

Manufactured design of the wood chips is random, though a pattern exists

Selected wood stains and stained each chip within the board individually to create a pattern of color and size

About process


Project Number #3: Preservation

Knowing what is under us though we cannot see it

Inspired by natural history museum exhibits

Cropped and framed the piece to resemble a snap shot

Collected materials from a specific location I visited weekly

About preserving a moment



Project Number #4: Working Space

Applying the theories of Chaos and Buffon’s Needle to the physical residue of a previously completed Project

The physical residue (the artists tape) was material, used in the working process of a previous Project and remained attached to a wall in my studio for several months after finishing the Project

Inspired by the seemingly random placement of the tape and its placement over lines that had existed previously on the wall - recalling Buffon’s Needle and the relationship to pattern 

Worked out the idea of pattern, as it exists in nature, and tying it in with the process of creating a work of art

Sought to make a piece that occupied the entire space

Comment on presentation and the idea that a frame is a part of the artwork and should necessarily be considered vital to the presentation of the work of art

About the mathematical relationship to perceived randomness


Project Number #5: Strata

Recycled office paper cut in strips  

Strips are stacked with the end grain exposed  

Inks from printer and writing on the paper is visible from end grain  

Inks highlighted areas of the surface similar to a map

A cross section of something - looking at things differently, seeing new relationships

Layers of information that get buried, lost or forgotten - cross section reveals those layers

About history and progress


Project Number #6: 20 Years of Painting Ends

Inspired by the ends/frames of paintings stacked in my studio bins

Created portraits of the ends of 20 paintings in my studio

Each painting represented one year's worth of my work

Discussing that the incidental or random marks on the end/edge of a painting are just as significant, if not more significant than the painting itself

About self-criticism



Project Number #7: Mistakes

From May15, 2004 to May15, 2005, I documented every mistake I made on a daily basis

Each mistake cited during a given day was represented by taking an eraser and attempting to erase a line drawn in marker on a piece of wood

Mistakes were categorized as minor, significant or major

Each category of mistakes was represented by a different length line drawn on the piece of wood, with the major mistake being the largest

Each erasure attempt was one forward and backward motion

After each erasure attempt, the residue left from the eraser was collected and kept

After the year was complete, I took the volume of eraser residue I had collected from my mistakes and sealed it in a plexiglas box I had created

Understanding mistakes and how we handle them

About self-awareness, self-criticism and re-evaluation


Project Number #8: Coexistence

How do we find balance with nature? 

How do we find balance with each other? 

About looking for a purpose and finding harmony

Inspired by a bag of tile grout that had gotten wet and hardened on my basement floor


Project Number #9: Exposed

About the walls we create and the attempts we make to assure that those walls are impenetrable

Exposing our vulnerabilities to someone

Putting something hidden on display

Inspired by a tree that had it's bark stripped away



Project Number #10: Birthplace

About our connection to personally defining places

As we build and refine ourselves the residue of where we are from stays with us

The piece is a recreation of an aerial a photograph from where I grew up

Inspired by my father





Project Number #11: Embedded

Messages that we don't see or that are overlooked

Patterns that occur in our lives that we are unaware of because of their ordinariness 

Subtlties in change that affect pattern and how a slight variation to a pattern may not be seen to others 

About permanence of idenity and the steps involved in creating that identity

8192 drywall screws


Project Number #12: Farms and Wetlands

Straight forward use of materials to make a straight forward statement 

Discussing the eradication of farmland and the demise of wetlands to satisfy population grow, convenience

A direct result of my studies of construction sites


Project Number#13: Storytelling

Inspired by the gradual decline of the newspaper and the attempts to keep it relevant

Each letter, number and symbol is designated a specific color 

Each is then blocked out by its corresponding color  

Work can be translated through a color code

Once words are blocked out the photographs are read and their relationships to each other are more apparent

The lasting images that stay with us and how images can be overpowered by words

About journalism, researching and looking at things from multiple points of view to develop a story


Project Number #14: Topographic

Inspired by wrinkled paper in the trash

Followed the contours of the wrinkles with pencil to define the shapes

Reminiscent of topographic maps and the physical topography of globes

About recycling, tracing global patterns of environmental change





Project Number #15: Timeline

At what point do variations on a similar idea/image matter?

Fluctuations that occur on a timeline

The support that holds us up and how that support changes over time

About how we frame our lives and live within those defined parameters



Project Number #16: Decade of Decadence

About recreating coming of age, high school

Music I was listening to that influenced my understanding of identity 

Glam rock musicians, gender identity or gender confusion - struggles with establishing identity in school

Anti establishment, revolt that was different than the Punk Rock scene, it was mainstream - not underground

Talking about the permanent affect music had on me growing up

Created a exact replica of the desk tops used in my high school at the time



Project Number #17: Library

About attempting to rewrite history while covering it up

How truth finds a way to reveal itself

Each book has been edited by whiting out certain words/phrases, remaining words in each book speak to the news stories and political discussions at the time

Inspired by the political environment of the George W. Bush Presidency